Post-Workout Recovery


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Manufacturer : AdvoCare

Program:Informed-Choice, Informed-Sport

Supplement Type:Recovery Formula


Batch Test

Batch ID Flavor Batch Expiration Test Date
ID 16021 Vanilla 28-Feb-18 29-Jan-16
ID 16072 Chocolate 31-Mar-18 14-Mar-16
ID 16080 Vanilla 31-Mar-18 11-Mar-16
ID 16096 Vanilla 28-Feb-18 01-Feb-16
ID 16156 Vanilla 31-May-18 16-May-16
ID 16191 Chocolate 31-May-18 17-May-16
ID 16269 Vanilla 31-Jul-18 27-Jul-16
ID 16270 Chocolate 31-Jul-18 01-Aug-16
ID 16303 Vanilla 31-Jul-18 28-Jul-16
ID 16304 Chocolate 31-Aug-18 02-Aug-16
ID 17008 Vanilla 30-Nov-18 02-May-17
ID 17063 Vanilla 31-Jan-19 24-Jan-17
ID 17064 Chocolate 31-Jan-19 18-Jan-17
ID 1709076 Chocolate 31-Mar-19 25-Sep-17
ID 17204 Chocolate 31-May-19 18-May-17
ID 17205 Vanilla 31-May-19 19-May-17
ID 17248 Vanilla 30-Jun-19 28-Jun-17
ID 17251 Chocolate 30-Jun-19 06-Jul-17
ID 17262 Chocolate 31-Aug-19 22-Aug-17
ID 17292 Vanilla 31-Aug-19 17-Aug-17
ID 17293 Chocolate 31-Aug-19 23-Aug-17
ID 18033 Vanilla 31-Oct-19 26-Oct-17
ID 18034 Chocolate 31-Oct-19 26-Oct-17
ID 18118 Vanilla 31-Jan-20 18-Jan-18
ID 18119 Chocolate 31-Jan-20 17-Jan-18