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Manufacturer : AdvoCare


Supplement Type:Energy


Batch Test

Batch ID Flavor Batch Expiration Test Date
ID 1607043 Pink Lemonade 28-Feb-18 02-Sep-16
ID 1608148 Mandarin Orange 28-Feb-18 10-Nov-16
ID 1609090 Pink Lemonade 31-Mar-18 06-Oct-16
ID 1610069 Cherry 30-Apr-18 22-Nov-16
ID 1611020 Cherry 31-May-18 09-Feb-17
ID 1611041 Cherry 31-May-18 22-Dec-16
ID 1701015 Watermelon 31-Jul-18 07-Apr-17
ID 1701019 Pink Lemonade 31-Aug-18 14-Apr-17
ID 1701020 Pink Lemonade 31-Jul-18 22-Feb-17
ID 1707173 Mandarin Orange 28-Feb-19 08-Sep-17
ID 1710004 Watermelon 31-Mar-19 03-Jan-18
ID 1710071 Pink Lemonade 30-Apr-19 09-Nov-17
ID 6072715 Limeade 30-Apr-18 19-Oct-16
ID 6072775 Limeade 30-Apr-18 02-May-17
ID 6100215 Blue Raspberry 30-Jun-18 12-Jan-17
ID 6100415 Blue Raspberry 30-Jun-18 22-Dec-16
ID 6100435 Blue Raspberry 30-Jun-18 04-Jan-17
ID 6110485 Grape 30-Jun-18 18-Jan-17
ID 7052255 Green Apple 31-Jan-19 08-Dec-17
ID M09112 Fruit Punch 31-May-18 06-Mar-17
ID M09132 Fruit Punch 31-Aug-18 22-Feb-17
ID M09195 Fruit Punch 30-Apr-19 17-Nov-17
ID M2905 Pineapple Coconut 31-Mar-18 06-Dec-16
ID M8713A Watermelon 31-Oct-18 01-Jun-17
ID MO9103 Fruit Punch 30-Apr-18 19-Oct-16
ID N2312 Mango Strawberry 30-Nov-18 05-Jul-17
ID PZ160311-01 Cherry 31-Mar-18 19-Apr-16
ID UN1610012 Mango Strawberry 31-Mar-18 04-Nov-16
ID UN1708001 Fruit Punch 31-Jan-19 03-Oct-17