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Manufacturer : ALLMAX Nutrition


Supplement Type:Amino Acid(s)


Batch Test

Batch ID Flavor Batch Expiration Test Date
ID 94433 044 US Blue Raspberry 31-May-18 14-Aug-15
ID 95788 044 Blue Raspberry 31-Aug-18 04-May-16
ID 99236 044US Fruit Punch Blast! 31-Aug-18 14-Jan-16
ID 99473 111 08 Pineapple Mango 31-Jul-18 08-Jul-16
ID 99475 010 NT Key Lime Cherry 30-Sep-18 02-Sep-16
ID AABF 04717-N Fruit Punch Blast! 29-Feb-20 14-Apr-17
ID AABG 32116-N White Grape 30-Nov-19 02-May-17
ID AABG10217-N White Grape 30-Apr-20 09-Oct-17
ID AABP-16517-N Pineapple Mango 30-Jun-20 13-Dec-17
ID AABR10016 Blue Raspberry 30-Apr-19 09-Mar-17
ID AABR24415 Blue Raspberry 30-Sep-17 01-Feb-16
ID AABU02717-N Unflavored 31-Jan-20 24-Jan-18
ID AABU12117-H Unflavored 31-May-20 12-Sep-17
ID AAFP 09116 Fruit Punch Blast! 31-Mar-19 01-Jun-16
ID AAFP 27215 Fruit Punch Blast! 30-Sep-18 06-Apr-16
ID AAFP10016 Fruit Punch Blast! 30-Apr-19 01-Aug-16
ID AAFP20816 Fruit Punch Blast! 31-Jul-19 07-Dec-16
ID AAFP32116 Fruit Punch Blast! 30-Nov-19 14-Jul-17
ID AAKC 27215 Key Lime Cherry 30-Sep-18 08-Mar-16
ID AAKC 34316 Key Lime Cherry 31-Dec-19 03-Aug-17
ID AAPM19016 Pineapple Mango 31-Jul-19 10-Nov-16
ID AAPM22415 Pineapple Mango 30-Sep-18 15-Feb-17
ID AAUN10016 Unflavored 30-Apr-19 13-Nov-17