Sport Organic Plant-Based Protein


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Manufacturer : Garden of Life


Supplement Type:Protein(s) (Plant-Based/Vegan)


Batch Test

Batch ID Flavor Batch Expiration Test Date
ID 63282B A Chocolate 23-Nov-18 04-Jan-17
ID 6334-1C1 Chocolate 30-Nov-18 01-Mar-17
ID 6336-1C1 Vanilla 12-Feb-18 05-Jul-17
ID 6338-1C1 Strawberry 12-Apr-18 04-Jan-17
ID 7080-2C1 Vanilla 29-Mar-19 19-Sep-17
ID 7143-1C2 Chocolate 23-May-19 18-Aug-17
ID 7199-2C2 Vanilla 19-Jul-19 30-Oct-17
ID 7227-2C1 Chocolate 18-Aug-19 18-Dec-17
ID 7289-1C1 Chocolate 17-Oct-19 26-Jan-18