Protein Shake


Manufacturer : Idealfit


Supplement Type:Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)


Batch Test

Batch ID Flavor Batch Expiration Test Date
ID 12818574 Caramel Mocha 31-Mar-20 07-Jun-18
ID 16080505 Strawberries N' Cream 31-Aug-18 05-May-17
ID 16082405 Cake Batter 31-Aug-18 18-Aug-17
ID 16100503 Peaches and Cream 31-Oct-18 27-Jan-17
ID 16111504 Caramel Mocha 30-Nov-18 13-Dec-16
ID 16111807 Peaches and Cream 31-Dec-18 03-Jan-18
ID 16121588 Caramel Mocha 31-Jan-19 13-Apr-17
ID 17021394 Cake Batter 30-Apr-19 13-Jun-17
ID 17052981 Chocolate Brownie 31-May-19 03-Jan-18
ID 17092954 Strawberries N' Cream 31-Oct-19 03-Jan-18
ID 17092955 Chocolate Coconut 31-Oct-19 18-Jan-18
ID 17121552 Caramel Mocha 31-Dec-19 14-Feb-18
ID 18012656 Caramel Mocha 31-Jan-20 20-Apr-18
ID 18021953 Chocolate Coconut 29-Feb-20 12-Apr-18
ID U812718378 Chocolate Brownie 31-Mar-20 22-May-18