Nitro Peak


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Manufacturer : Inner Armour


Supplement Type:Protein(s) (Animal-Based)


Batch Test

Batch ID Flavor Batch Expiration Test Date
ID 01616INNC-AF-80 Milk Chocolate 16-Jan-19 21-Apr-17
ID 01616INNV-AF-80 Vanilla 16-Jan-19 19-May-17
ID 07816 INPS-AF-80 Strawberry 18-Mar-19 01-Jun-16
ID 07816INPS-AF-80 Strawberry 18-Mar-19 13-Jul-17
ID 14216INPS-AF-80 Strawberry 22-May-19 11-Oct-16
ID 16115 INPC-AF Milk Chocolate 06-Oct-18 08-Jul-16
ID 18015 INPV-AF Vanilla 29-Jun-18 05-May-16
ID 19016 INPK-AF-80 Cookies & Cream 07-Aug-19 02-Aug-16
ID 21615 INPV-AF Vanilla 08-Apr-18 01-Feb-16
ID 21915 INPC - AF Chocolate 08-Jul-18 11-Jan-16
ID 24415 INPC-AF Milk Chocolate 09-Jan-18 01-Apr-16
ID 24415INPV-AF Vanilla 09-Jan-18 08-Mar-17
ID IANP19616-AF Chocolate Peanut Butter 14-Jul-19 17-Nov-16
ID INPK 20415-AF Cookies & Cream 23-Jul-18 10-Mar-16
ID INPK20415-AF Cookies & Cream 23-Jul-18 09-Feb-17