Amino 1 Sport


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Manufacturer : MusclePharm


Supplement Type:Amino Acid(s)


Batch Test

Batch ID Flavor Batch Expiration Test Date
ID 432506 Fruit Punch 30-Apr-18 02-Sep-16
ID 432512 Cherry Limeade 30-Apr-18 25-Apr-16
ID 601854 Fruit Punch 31-Oct-19 24-Jan-18
ID IM432517 Cherry Limeade 30-Jun-18 19-Sep-17
ID IM443512 Fruit Punch 30-Jun-18 10-Jun-16
ID IM446914 Cherry Limeade 30-Jun-18 01-Jul-16
ID IM453882 Cherry Limeade 31-Aug-18 07-Dec-16
ID IM454254 Fruit Punch 31-Aug-18 02-Sep-16
ID IM457380 Cherry Limeade 30-Sep-18 26-Sep-16
ID IM457395 Cherry Limeade 30-Sep-18 09-Sep-16
ID IM458346 Fruit Punch 30-Sep-18 12-Sep-16
ID IM461559 Cherry Limeade 31-Aug-18 26-Aug-16
ID IM462052 Cherry Limeade 31-Oct-18 25-Oct-16
ID IM466395 Fruit Punch 30-Sep-18 26-Sep-16
ID IM472838 Fruit Punch 31-Oct-18 25-Oct-16
ID IM472968 Fruit Punch 30-Nov-18 01-May-17
ID IM473677 Cherry Limeade 30-Nov-18 08-Nov-16
ID IM492442 Cherry Limeade 31-Jan-19 22-Mar-17
ID IM498293 Cherry Limeade 31-Mar-19 16-Jun-17
ID IM503601 Fruit Punch 30-Apr-19 21-Aug-17
ID IM503607 Cherry Limeade 31-May-19 18-Jul-17
ID IM511682 Cherry Limeade 31-May-19 13-Nov-17
ID IM514062 Fruit Punch 31-May-19 12-Oct-17