Assault Sport


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Manufacturer : MusclePharm


Supplement Type:Energy


Batch Test

Batch ID Flavor Batch Expiration Test Date
ID IM432519 Fruit Punch 30-Apr-18 03-May-16
ID IM432525 Green Apple 30-Apr-18 03-May-16
ID IM432529 Blue Raspberry 31-May-18 11-May-16
ID IM432533 Strawberry Ice 30-Apr-18 05-May-16
ID IM441736 Blue Raspberry 31-May-18 06-Jun-16
ID IM444097 Blue Raspberry 30-Jun-18 24-Jun-16
ID IM444540 Green Apple 30-Jun-18 16-Jun-16
ID IM444583 Fruit Punch 30-Jun-18 20-Jun-16
ID IM445307 Strawberry Ice 30-Jun-18 22-Jun-16
ID IM447494 Fruit Punch 31-Aug-18 16-Aug-16
ID IM447804 Strawberry Ice 31-Jul-18 02-Sep-16
ID IM448446 Green Apple 30-Jun-18 07-Jul-16
ID IM450784 Fruit Punch 31-Jul-18 16-Oct-17
ID IM451859 Strawberry Ice 31-Aug-18 17-Aug-16
ID IM451868 Fruit Punch 31-Aug-18 17-Aug-16
ID IM453850 Green Apple 31-Aug-18 31-Aug-16
ID IM454101 Fruit Punch 31-Aug-18 18-Aug-16
ID IM454911 Fruit Punch 30-Sep-18 05-Oct-16
ID IM454935 Fruit Punch 30-Sep-18 09-Sep-16
ID IM455179 Blue Raspberry 31-Aug-18 31-Aug-16
ID IM455190 Blue Raspberry 31-Aug-18 02-Sep-16
ID IM455196 Fruit Punch 31-Aug-18 02-Sep-16
ID IM455203 Fruit Punch 31-Aug-18 02-Sep-16
ID IM456280 Blue Raspberry 31-Aug-18 23-Aug-16
ID IM457434 Strawberry Ice 31-Aug-18 07-Sep-16
ID IM457465 Blue Raspberry 31-Aug-18 19-Sep-17
ID IM460573 Strawberry Ice 30-Sep-18 07-Oct-16
ID IM461147 Fruit Punch 30-Sep-18 12-Sep-16
ID IM461151 Blue Raspberry 30-Sep-18 12-Sep-16
ID IM462059 Strawberry Ice 31-Oct-18 20-Oct-16
ID IM464212 Green Apple 30-Sep-18 03-Oct-16
ID IM465962 Blue Raspberry 30-Sep-18 07-Dec-16
ID IM468149 Blue Raspberry 31-Oct-18 17-Nov-16
ID IM469543 Green Apple 31-Oct-18 21-Oct-16
ID IM469887 Fruit Punch 31-Oct-18 18-Oct-16
ID IM470617 Blue Raspberry 31-Oct-18 26-Oct-16
ID IM474270 Blue Raspberry 30-Nov-18 22-Nov-16
ID IM475009 Blue Raspberry 31-Oct-18 02-Nov-16
ID IM476188 Green Apple 30-Nov-18 01-May-17
ID IM476189 Green Apple 30-Nov-18 07-Dec-16
ID IM477818 Fruit Punch 30-Nov-18 21-Nov-16
ID IM478767 Strawberry Ice 30-Nov-18 23-Nov-16
ID IM486038 Fruit Punch 31-Jan-19 16-Jan-17
ID IM486114 Fruit Punch 31-Jan-19 30-Jan-17
ID IM492449 Watermelon 31-Jan-19 22-Mar-17
ID IM497265 Blue Raspberry 31-Mar-19 14-Apr-17
ID IM503564 Green Apple 30-Apr-19 18-Jul-17
ID IM503592 Fruit Punch 30-Apr-19 16-Jun-17
ID IM511093 Strawberry Ice 31-May-19 21-Aug-17
ID IM511104 Blue Raspberry 31-May-19 08-Nov-17
ID IM520346 Fruit Punch 30-Jun-19 17-Nov-17
ID IM520349 Fruit Punch 30-Jun-19 24-Jan-18