GO Energy Bar

Testing Information: 

Before 22-Dec-16, Science in Sport tested products on a combined raw materials, site and blind testing protocol. Science in Sport products tested after this date are on the standard finished product protocol. Test dates of 22-Dec-16 and earlier are the product manufacture date, all dates after are the product test date.


Before 22-Dec-16, Science in Sport tested products on a combined raw materials, site and blind testing protocol. Science in Sport products tested after this date are on the standard finished product protocol. Test dates of 22-Dec-16 and earlier are the product manufacture date, all dates after are the product test date.

Manufacturer : Science in Sport

Program:Informed-Choice, Informed-Sport

Supplement Type:Energy


Batch Test

Batch ID Flavor Batch Expiration Test Date
F6284 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-Oct-17 23-Dec-16
F6284 Banana 31-Oct-17 13-Jan-17
F6284 Banana (65g) 31-Oct-17 10-Oct-16
F6284 Apple & Blackcurrant (40g) 31-Oct-17 10-Oct-16
F6285 Apple & Blackcurrant (40g) 31-Oct-17 11-Oct-16
F6285 Red Berry (40g) 31-Oct-17 11-Oct-16
F6285 Chocolate Fudge (40g) 31-Oct-17 11-Oct-16
F6286 Chocolate Fudge (40g) 31-Oct-17 12-Oct-16
F6287 Chocolate Fudge (40g) 31-Oct-17 13-Oct-16
F6287 Blueberry (40g) 31-Oct-17 13-Oct-16
F6287 Apple & Blackcurrant (65g) 31-Oct-17 13-Oct-16
F6299 Banana Fudge 31-Oct-17 25-Oct-16
F6300 Banana Fudge 31-Oct-17 26-Oct-16
F6300 Banana 31-Oct-17 26-Oct-16
F6300 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-Oct-17 26-Oct-16
F6300 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-Oct-17 13-Jan-17
F6301 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-Oct-17 27-Oct-16
F6301 Red Berry 31-Oct-17 27-Oct-16
F6301 Chocolate & Orange 31-Oct-17 27-Oct-16
F6301 Chocolate Fudge 31-Oct-17 27-Oct-16
F6301 Chocolate & Orange 31-Oct-17 13-Jan-17
F6301 Red Berry 31-Oct-17 23-Dec-16
F6307 Banana Fudge 30-Nov-17 02-Nov-16
F6307 Banana Fudge 30-Nov-17 13-Jan-17
F6308 Apple & Blackcurrant 30-Nov-17 03-Nov-16
F6308 Chocolate Fudge 30-Nov-17 03-Nov-16
F6309 Chocolate Fudge 30-Nov-17 04-Nov-16
F6309 Blueberry 30-Nov-17 04-Nov-16
F6315 Red Berry 30-Nov-17 10-Nov-16
F6315 Red Berry 30-Nov-17 13-Jan-17
F6316 Red Berry 01-Dec-17 11-Nov-16
F6316 Blueberry 02-Dec-17 11-Nov-16
F6316 Blueberry 30-Nov-17 23-Dec-16
F6329 Apple & Blackcurrant 30-Nov-17 13-Jan-17
F6329 Apple & Blackcurrant 30-Nov-17 24-Nov-16
F6340 Banana Fudge 31-Dec-17 23-Dec-16
F6340 Banana 31-Dec-17 05-Dec-16
F6340 Banana Fudge 31-Dec-17 05-Dec-16
F6340 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-Dec-17 05-Dec-16
F6341 Chocolate Fudge 31-Dec-17 23-Dec-16
F6341 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-Dec-17 06-Dec-16
F6341 Red Berry 31-Dec-17 06-Dec-16
F6341 Chocolate & Orange 31-Dec-17 06-Dec-16
F6341 Chocolate Fudge 31-Dec-17 06-Dec-16
F6342 Chocolate Fudge 31-Dec-17 07-Dec-16
F6342 Blueberry 31-Dec-17 07-Dec-16
F6354 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-Dec-17 19-Dec-16
F6355 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-Dec-17 20-Dec-16
F7008/F7009 Banana 31-Jan-18 11-Jan-17
F7009 Banana Fudge 31-Jan-18 11-Jan-17
F7009/F7010 Chocolate Fudge 31-Jan-18 11-Jan-17
F7010/F7011 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-Jan-18 12-Jan-17
F7011 Banana 31-Jan-18 12-Jan-17
F7011 Red Berry 31-Jan-18 12-Jan-17
F7011 / F7012 Blueberry 31-Jan-18 13-Jan-17
F7012 Chocolate & Orange 31-Jan-18 13-Jan-17
F7029/F7030 Banana Fudge 31-Jan-18 01-Feb-17
F7030/F7031 Banana 31-Jan-18 01-Feb-17
F7031 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-Jan-18 02-Feb-17
F7031/F7032 Red Berry 31-Jan-18 02-Feb-17
F7032/F7033 Chocolate & Orange 28-Feb-18 03-Feb-17
F7033/F7034 Chocolate Fudge 28-Feb-18 06-Feb-17
F7034 Blueberry 28-Feb-18 06-Feb-17
F7051/F7052 Banana Fudge 28-Feb-18 22-Feb-17
F7052/F7053 Banana 28-Feb-18 23-Feb-17
F7053/F7054 Apple & Blackcurrant 28-Feb-18 24-Feb-17
F7054 Chocolate & Orange 28-Feb-18 27-Feb-17
F7054 Red Berry 28-Feb-18 24-Feb-17
F7054/F7055 Chocolate Fudge 28-Feb-18 28-Feb-17
F7055 Blueberry 28-Feb-18 28-Feb-17
F7074 Banana 31-Mar-18 17-Mar-17
F7074 Banana Fudge 31-Mar-18 16-Mar-17
F7074-F7075 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-Mar-18 17-Mar-17
F7075 Red Berry 31-Mar-18 24-Mar-17
F7075/F7076 Blueberry 31-Mar-18 24-Mar-17
F7076 Chocolate & Orange 31-Mar-18 21-Mar-17
F7076 Chocolate Fudge 31-Mar-18 24-Mar-17
F7088 Banana 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-17
F7088 Banana Fudge 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-17
F7088/F7089 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-17
F7089 Chocolate Fudge 31-Mar-18 03-Apr-17
F7089/F7090 Blueberry 31-Mar-18 03-Apr-17
F7090 Chocolate & Orange 31-Mar-18 03-Apr-17
F7108 Blueberry 30-Apr-18 19-Apr-17
F7108 Red Berry 30-Apr-18 19-Apr-17
F7108/F7109 Chocolate Fudge 30-Apr-18 24-Apr-17
F7109 Banana 30-Apr-18 24-Apr-17
F7109 Chocolate & Orange 30-Apr-18 24-Apr-17
F7109/F7110 Banana Fudge 30-Apr-18 24-Apr-17
F7110/F7111 Apple & Blackcurrant 30-Apr-18 24-Apr-17
F7117 Apple & Blackcurrant 30-Apr-18 02-May-17
F7117 Banana 30-Apr-18 02-May-17
F7117/F7118 Banana Fudge 30-Apr-18 02-May-17
F7118 Chocolate & Orange 30-Apr-18 04-May-17
F7118 Chocolate Fudge 30-Apr-18 02-May-17
F7130 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-May-18 12-May-17
F7130 Banana Fudge 31-May-18 11-May-17
F7130/F7131 Chocolate & Orange 31-May-18 12-May-17
F7131 Chocolate Fudge 31-May-18 12-May-17
F7131 Red Berry 31-May-18 15-May-17
F7131/F7132 Blueberry 31-May-18 15-May-17
F7135 Banana Fudge 31-May-18 17-May-17
F7135/F7136 Banana 31-May-18 17-May-17
F7136 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-May-18 18-May-17
F7137 Chocolate Fudge 31-May-18 19-May-17
F7137/F7138 Red Berry 31-May-18 19-May-17
F7138 Blueberry 31-May-18 19-May-17
F7146 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-May-18 30-May-17
F7146 Banana Fudge 31-May-18 30-May-17
F7146 Chocolate Fudge 31-May-18 30-May-17
F7151 Banana Fudge 31-May-18 02-Jun-17
F7151/F7152 Banana 31-May-18 02-Jun-17
F7152 Chocolate Fudge 30-Jun-18 05-Jun-17
F7152/F7153 Blueberry 30-Jun-18 05-Jun-17
F7153 Apple & Blackcurrant 30-Jun-18 06-Jun-17
F7153 Red Berry 30-Jun-18 05-Jun-17
F7163/F7164 Apple & Blackcurrant 30-Jun-18 14-Jun-17
F7164 Banana Fudge 30-Jun-18 15-Jun-17
F7164/F7165 Banana 30-Jun-18 15-Jun-17
F7165 Chocolate & Orange 30-Jun-18 15-Jun-17
F7165/F7166 Chocolate Fudge 30-Jun-18 16-Jun-17
F7166 Red Berry 30-Jun-18 16-Jun-17
F7172/F7173 Chocolate & Orange 30-Jun-18 23-Jun-17
F7173 Chocolate Fudge 30-Jun-18 23-Jun-17
F7173 Red Berry 30-Jun-18 26-Jun-17
F7176/F7177 Apple & Blackcurrant 30-Jun-18 27-Jun-17
F7177 Chocolate & Orange 30-Jun-18 29-Jun-17
F7177/F7178 Blueberry 30-Jun-18 29-Jun-17
F7183/F7184 Chocolate Fudge 31-Jul-18 05-Jul-17
F7184/F7185 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-Jul-18 05-Jul-17
F7185 Red Berry 31-Jul-18 06-Jul-17
F7190/F7191 Banana Fudge 31-Jul-18 11-Jul-17