Sugar-Free Energizer


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Manufacturer : Vega Sport


Supplement Type:Energy


Batch Test

Batch ID Flavor Batch Expiration Test Date
ID L35945 Lemon Lime 28-Feb-18 22-Apr-16
ID L35946 Lemon Lime 28-Feb-18 19-Jul-16
ID L36097 Acai Berry 31-Mar-18 22-Apr-16
ID L36942 Acai Berry 30-Jun-19 12-Sep-16
ID L36943 Acai Berry 30-Jun-18 19-Jul-16
ID L37449 Lemon Lime 30-Sep-18 28-Nov-16
ID L37450 Acai Berry 30-Sep-18 28-Nov-16
ID L38169 Lemon Lime 30-Nov-18 23-Jan-17
ID L38393 Acai Berry 30-Sep-18 23-Jan-17
ID L38713 Acai Berry 31-Jan-19 16-May-17
ID L38725 Lemon Lime 31-Jan-19 16-May-17
ID L38770 Lemon Lime 28-Feb-19 20-Mar-17
ID L38773 Acai Berry 28-Feb-19 20-Mar-17
ID L39853 Acai Berry 31-May-19 25-Sep-17
ID L40024 Lemon Lime 30-Jun-19 25-Sep-17
ID L40808 Acai Berry 30-Sep-19 27-Nov-17
ID L40810 Lemon Lime 30-Sep-19 27-Nov-17